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A Taekwondo Mom

  • 16 January, 2017
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Hi Mr.Bushman,
Thank you for being a part of ____’s team. For the past year, he has lived with us as a foster child. We are in the process of adopting him, hopefully by the end of the summer. You are part of a team of teachers and therapists who are making a difference in his life, and we very much appreciate that. Thank you for your patience with him. Developmentally he has missed much, and we are hoping that TKD will help him catch up SOME in the areas of patience, concentration, coordination, perseverance, and confidence. Please keep patiently pushing him to work. He has never been expected to do anything before he came to us, but we expect him to learn how to work to achieve.

So again, thank you for being a part of his team. Your compassion, patience, and perseverance are making the difference in the life of a lost boy, who is on the path to his own goodness.

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