Hyde Park and Newtown, Ohio

Why we are different

Roy Bushman is the highest ranking Tae Kwon Do master in Greater Cincinnati actively teaching 5 days a week, and can use his experience to customize your training to suit the needs of you and your family. Our teaching is fun, safe and martial arts of the highest level.

Grand Master Bushman has been continuously training and studying Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido since 1972, never stopping just to "rest on his laurels", so he can not only develop you to become the best black belt you can be, but also provide a clear path to Master level and beyond.

He still practices the 6th, 7th and 8th Dan black belt forms and techniques on a daily basis to stay sharp and bring practical high level understanding to each class. His experience allows him to customize the instruction to your needs and skills to take you to the highest level.

Progress at your own pace in a safe, family environment
Great for those with ADD and other learning challenges
Private and small group lessons available by appointment
Perfect for home school students
Demonstrations to educate and entertain for your community event

Learn directly from an 8th Dan Grand Master training since 1972 - Grand Master Roy Bushman
Experienced, professional team of black belt instructors including several masters
Prior martial arts experience? We will recognize your current rank while you learn our system

Hyde Park and Mason locations
No contracts, monthly tuition
Free uniform for new students
Family Discounts, train with your child at ½ off the second family member

Martial arts legacy



Sokon “Bushi” Matsumura (1798 – 1890) had mastered this Chinese martial art of Kung Fu and he began his role as... read more


A student of Azato and Itosu, Gichin Funakoshi organized these martial arts techniques and practice patterns (kata, hyung or forms) into... read more


One of Gichin Funikoshi’s students was the Korean martial artist Byung Jik Ro, whom Grand Master Bushman met while he was... read more


One of Supreme Grand Master Ro’s senior students was Grand Master Il-Kwon Kim, who refined the Song Moo Kwan style started... read more

tae kwon do

Tae Kwon Do literally means Foot Fist Way, but more accurately it means the path toward mastery of the self by training the feet and hands.

Read More


Hapkido literally means the path to bringing together Ki/Chi/Qi energy.

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sun do yoga

Sun Do literally means Immortal Way and is a Korean art mastering control of the breath with yoga postures and QiGong practices.

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Tae Kwon Do History

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1976 -
Promoted to First Dan Black Belt
1978 -
Promoted to Second Dan Black Belt
1980 -
Head Instructor Blue Ash YMCA
1981 -
Promoted to Third Dan Black Belt
1985 -
Promoted to Fourth Dan Black Belt
1990 -
Promoted to Master Level Fifth Dan
Black Belt
1996 -
Promoted to Sixth Dan Black Belt
2003 -
Promoted to Seventh Dan Black Belt,
Grand Master level
2011 -
Promoted to Eighth Dan Black Belt
2015 -
Forms R Bushman Tae Kwon Do, Inc

Our Vision and Historical Lineage

Matsumura, Sokon

1798 – 1890

Itosu, Anko

1831 – 1915

Azato, Anko

1827 – 1906

Funakoshi, Gichin

1868 – 1957

Ro, Byung Jik

1919 – 2015

Kim, I K

1941 to 2015

Bushman, R

1961 to present


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  • We switched from another school recently and the difference in discipline and personal attention is extraordinary. Grand Master Bushman explains each move in order to allow the student to truly understand how and why it would be used. This is taught with the respect and skill that it should be taught by knowledgeable instructors.

    Lish Lab-Clements, Five Seasons Sports Club RBushmanTKD Mom
  • Thanks for your kindness and skill as a teacher. The Lab Family, The Clements Family.

  • Hi Mr.Bushman,
    Thank you for being a part of ____'s team. For the past year, he has lived with us as a foster child. We are in the process of adopting him, hopefully by the end of the summer. You are part of a team of teachers and therapists who are making a difference in his life, and we very much appreciate that. Thank you for your patience with him. Developmentally he has missed much, and we are hoping that TKD will help him catch up SOME in the areas of patience, concentration, coordination, perseverance, and confidence. Please keep patiently pushing him to work. He has never been expected to do anything before he came to us, but we expect him to learn how to work to achieve.

    So again, thank you for being a part of his team. Your compassion, patience, and perseverance are making the difference in the life of a lost boy, who is on the path to his own goodness.

    A Taekwondo Mom
  • Hi Master Bushman,
    I forgot how the subject came up, but I mentioned to Grand Master Kim how good you look when you do your forms. We were discussing the demo at the tournament. He said 'there is no one who can touch you.' There was a lot of pride in his voice when he spoke. He said you have very clean forms and excellent technique. He also said that 'if these so-called Masters put themselves at your level, they are very sadly mistaken' I thought you would like to know.

    Assistant to Grand Master Kim 5/12/05

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